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Springtime beauty

Updated: May 15, 2023

The scent, the dappled blue carpets beneath the unfolding woodland canopy and adorning the banks and lanes. They are much later to emerge this year after the long cold spring we’ve endured here.

Now other slightly later companions , red campions, buttercups and cow parsley are all joining the throng, but to me, the bluebell wins hands down!

I have painted them of course, but no brush of mine can ever fully capture their special beauty.

Bluebell wood -painting in oil - sold, but available as a mounted giclée print or as a card.

To be there among them with the birds singing all around beneath a sky almost, but not quite, as blue.

Their wafting scent soothes and intoxicates. It is one of life’s best experiences to be immersed in all that beauty and just be for a while.

As the temperature climbs and the bracken rises and unfolds their time will pass - all too soon for me...


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